I learned (and continue to learn) photography like I learn everything I’m passionate about – by jumping in with both feet. Although I dabbled in film photography as far back as high school, I really took off when I was driven to buy my first digital camera in 2003. As a long-time computer professional, digital photography was a natural fit. The immediate feedback of the digital world taught me so much so fast. My workflow builds on every skill I learned as a software developer and project manager. Decades of playing with software gives me the courage to try new tools and abandon ones which don’t work, rather than than being stuck in any one technique.

When it’s best, photography is my meditation. Call it zen, creative flow, inspiration… when it works, I am not thinking about the equipment or the framing or the subject, I am simply capturing the light. I shoot because I am at peace when I am looking through the camera. I call it “Learning to see.”

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